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this is us
and our philosophy



We are cared for as we would like to be cared for ourselves.

We are a service company that, within the meaning of the Care Quality Assurance Act, cares for clients in need of care - both with and without high   intensive treatment care effort -   in their familiar surroundings and provides household chores.

Under the constant responsibility of nursing professionals, we provide clients with a focus on out-of-hospital intensive care and / or ventilation.

Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of life.


Health & Wellbeing

We see our clients in their individuality and treat the client with dignity and respect.


Also the social, cultural and psychological needs, which we take into account and adapt in the care.

We would like to build up a good relationship of trust with the client through convincing services, professional competence and transparency. We always keep confidentiality about people and data.


Taking into account the best possible level of care, we strive to work effectively and economically.

Fürsorgliches Kind
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