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We are currently still looking for motivated and capable specialists for expansion. We work in a team, have friends in our work and do not see our colleagues as a resource - but as a valuable part of our company.

With us you don't take care of 10 or even 30 people, you only take care of 3 clients. In this way you finally have the opportunity to maintain the quality you always wanted.

No overload, no "car wash madness", no cool-out, no burnout!Become part of an enthusiastic team!



We work interprofessionally! We are currently hiring:

registered health care workers(m/f/d)

registered geriatric nurses(m/f/d)

registered nurses(m/f/d)


As a future-oriented company, we think sustainably and prefer to train our future colleagues ourselves.

We educate:registered nurses(m/f/d)

100% of our apprentices have passed so far - and all are part of our team

We look forward to you !

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